Wet Food

What will make your dog's heart beat faster? Wet food!

Find out everything you need to know about our range of wet food: high quality and with a high meat content.


  • Our organic dog food with Demeter certification
  • With organic meat from humanely raised animals, and healthy farm vegetables, grown according to strict, organic principles
  • High acceptance and good digestibility thanks to gentle processing
  • Balanced nutrient composition, free of genetic engineering, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Valuable fatty acids and trace elements
  • Open declaration
  • Made in Germany

Terra Canis

A natural, species-appropriate diet just as nature intended for the wolf. Terra Canis has the right wet food for every dog:

  • Classic menus in different varieties
  • The sensitive grain-free line
  • The hypoallergenic range for allergy-prone pooches
  • Puppy food for young dogs
  • Finely mashed and of course grain-free: the 100g cans of the mini-series for small dogs

LAKEFIELDS Manufaktur Bodensee

  • Fresh meat, regional vegetables and potatoes from sustainable agriculture
  • Refined with ingredients such as rapeseed oil, rosehip, linseed and nettle
  • Grain-free complete feed
  • Contains only one source of animal protein
  • Suitable for nutritionally sensitive dogs